Oobleck, the Non-Newtonian Slime

Saturday, September 25 2021 at Vuotalo, 1pm

Sunday, September 26 2021 at Pessi, 1pm

The future is now! This year Kolibrí Festivaali will hold a science workshop led by children. The young monitors who grew up within Kolibrí will help make Oobleck, an environmentally friendly slime, and will reveal the secrets to its non-Newtonian properties.

7+ years old
We speak
English, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese
45 min

Register for Saturday 25.09.2021 at 13:00, at Vuotalo (Musiikkiluokka)

Register for Sunday 26.09.2021 at 13:00, at Pessi (Lobby Windows)

Supported by: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, Embajada de España en Finlandia

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