Ed dos Santos Ferreira “Croma”

Edmilson dos Santos Ferreira “Professor Cromadinho” started capoeira when he was 9 years old. He received his teacher degree in 2007. In 2008 he started teaching capoeira and other afro-brazilian manifestations, like Maculelê, samba de roda and Puxada de rede in Finland. In 2014 he stated his own group Senzala in Turku. He participates in several presentations, workshops, “pikkujoulu”, weddings, festivals, birthdays etc around Europe. He also teaches Freegym for kids and teens. He is father of two, small capoeira practitioners. Gabriela Zuquim practices capoeira for more than 10 years and supports Cromadinho´s activities since 2011.

About his motivation in participating in Kolibri, Edmilson told us that:
My motivation to participate in Kolibri is to share a bite of the richness of Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestations, integrating the participants and promoting a moment of leisure and culture. We ourselves are a multicultural family, so me participating in this festival will also be an experience of learning and exchanges.”
Do not miss the Puxada do Rede class that Croma will teach in Kolibrí.