Bom Cabelo

bom cabeloAre you interested in getting to know the artists that will participate in Kolibrí?
He is: Bom Cabelo!

José Santos is a brazilian that in the world of capoeira is known as Bom Cabelo, he started his work in capoeira in 2004 in Rio de Janeiro. He used to teach children everyday until he moved to Finland in 2008. In Helsinki he started teaching children and also started his own group for adults. Besides capoeira, Bom Cabelo teaches forró and other dances and rhythms that are popular in Brazil.

Bom Cabelo loves capoeira just as much as he loves working with children so he wants to share his knowledge in capoeira with all the finnish children. The mission of the association Tambor Vivo is to share the popular culture of Brazil with the finns and also with other Latinamericans living in Finland. For that purpose, Kolibrí is the perfect stage in a happy environment.

Come and meet our dear Bom Cabelo!

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