Ina Fiebig

Ina is a German graphic designer and illustrator with over 15 years of experience. She has a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Fine Arts and Design in Halle, Germany. She loves drawing and the different manual techniques of creating images.

In her design work, she creates illustrations and other playful key visuals for public campaigns, exhibitions and books. Ina worked in different projects throughout Europe (Berlin & Barcelona) as a Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, with a focus in social, cultural or educational projects. Since 2014, Ina has been living with her family in Espoo, Finland – where she works at her own studio ( She designs and leads creative workshops with international participants at libraries and educational centers in Helsinki and Espoo.

About her motivation for working in Kolibrí, she states: “I believe that art is a universal language facilitating communication between people of different backgrounds and ages. For me, holding workshops for families means delivering tools for finding this universal language within visual arts. I also enjoy referring to artworks throughout history to put our life and work into context, and learn about our cultures”.

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