Announcement Call 2018

We are very excited to have received more than 30 amazing proposals: theatre, dance, music, literature, graphic art, architecture and science among other disciplines. We would have loved to select them all but, alas, that is not possible, we can only express our gratitude to each one of you for your valuable contribution to the continued growth of the Kolibrí family.

The selected*for 2018 are:

  • Compañia Mutante Kunst: Melina Martin & Lucia Torchia, Argentina-Holland.
  • Diego Pavón Jordán, Spain.
  • Flores de Nieve: Natalia Castrillón, Kaisa Mäenpää & Grisell Macdonel-Kvist, Colombia-Finland-Mexico.
  • Gerard Cabarrocas, Spain.
  • Ina Fiebig, Germany-Spain.
  • Laura Zubillaga & Carolina Isasi, Argentina.
  • Salla Lehtipuu, Finland.
  • Tanya Tynjälä, Peru.

Selected associations and enterprises*:

  • Askelten Palo ry, Multiple countries.
  • Pequeño Mundo Oy, Spain-Finland.
  • Tambor Vivo ry, Brazil-Finland.
Save the date 1.-13.10.2018 Kolibrí Festivaali in Finland, Yupiiii!!!

*Once the funding has been received, the final program selected for the autumn 2018 edition of Kolibrí Festivaali will be published.

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