The summer party is almost here, 31.5! Catering and a map

Summer party, the fiesta for the whole family. Free entrance. Welcome!

The iberoamerican culture festival in Ala-Malmi park on Sunday 31.5. from 12 pm to 4 pm.

See the whole program here

Tastes from the world


Kolibrí KesäFiesta has programmed great events, activities and because food is a paramount part of our rich culture we are joined in the celebration by the tasty, original great Mexican flavours of “Sabor Azteca”. Nieto’s Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Cuisine will bring their Spanish flavours all the way from Turku, sandwiches, specialty coffees and delicious Spanish sweet treats. To quench our thirst for health and feelgood experiences, the geniuses behind “Rulla” will bring us cold pressed healthy juices.

You can’t miss this fiesta! All your senses will be in for a treat!

In Sunny weather we are in Ala-Malmi park

Malmi_A_sunny kartta

If it rains we need to be inside Malmitalo:

Sateisen sään kartta
Sateisen sään kartta

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