About Kolibrí


Kolibrí – the Ibero-American children’s cultural festival is a way to experience diversity and multilingualism in Finland through children’s eyes. Kolibrí offers an artistic, recreational and educational program in a multicultural setting for all families, irrespective of nationality or language. The events and workshops organized are open to all, free of charge and carried out in several languages.The ibero-american dimension of the festival is important, but not exclusive. From the website you find information also in Spanish, in Portuguese, in English and in Finnish.

The festival is produced by Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry, (www.ninho.fi) a grassroots association working for a more multicultural and plural Finland. Besides the festival the association also organises a biannual seminar on children and bilingualism, promotes Ibero-American children’s literature and illustration projects in Finland and supports several exchange programs between Finnish and Ibero-American artists working around children’s arts and culture, with a special emphasis in literature and illustration.

Most of the events of Kolibrí take place in Libraries and Cultural Centers in Helsinki and Espoo.

Who for?

The workshops are intended for babies and preschool aged children together with their parents and grandparents. They are led by Ibero-American artists living in Finland. The workshops will be mainly held in Portuguese and Spanish, although anyone can participate in them, even without these language skills, since the instructors all speak Finnish, Swedish or English and we will arrange for translation as needed.


In Kolibrí project, language is seen as an integral part of culture, because indeed it is considered the main tool for the transmission, diffusion and creation of knowledge within society. We want Kolibrí to be a multicultural network that supports the development of cultural bonds related to the interconnection between Spanish and Portuguese language and the languages of the host country: Finland.

The immigrants of the greater Helsinki area are a part of the present and future local history. The artistic and cultural experiences of children of  bicultural  families, where they get to know Ibero-American cultures in a local setting, are important for children’s identity development and also to provide a space for interaction with the diverse local community. Our aim is to attract both, immigrant, and other families particularly interested in or curious about Ibero American children’s culture or in children’s culture in general.

Most of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking attending families do not take part in the event only to ”consume” culture, but because Kolibrí’s programme helps and supports their children’s language development through very specific artistic manifestations. On the other hand, other families and children come to have the chance to expose themselves to and get to know other cultures, artistic expression, values and languages. The entry point is kept low though, we don’t expect everybody to master all the languages so we include in the program workshops around other art expressions such as music, literature, dance, among others offered in Portuguese and Spanish but with the possibility of translation into English, Finnish and Swedish.